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Tap Shirts

We have many different shirts in our warehouse. All our shirts are made of the finest material, which gives the wearer a classy and beautiful look. When it comes to shirts, we have both work shirts, while we also have shirts for business, cafes and much more.

Many of our models are available with both short and long sleeves. To find out if the shirt you are looking for is available with long and short sleeves, click on the product. Here you will also be able to find the price per piece and what the price is incl. and excl.

As an extra luxury for you who order the shirts, we also offer a tailored shirt so that they fit perfectly on all your employees. However, this only applies to the female models.

Our shirts are not available in all colours. On the contrary, they are available in 4 different colours, namely white, light, blue and grey. Our shirts are made of fine quality, which is 70% polyester and 30% cotton. However, this may vary depending on which shirt you want.

For a long time, having a shirt has been mandatory in one’s wardrobe. It is also something that every professional workplace should demand from their employees – but instead of making them buy the shirts, the workplace can buy the shirts from us with their logo on them.

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Shirts with print for the company

By having the logo on the workers’ shirt, you will get free and guaranteed marketing. Everyone notices a logo and will quickly show interest if the employee were to wear this shirt in their free time.

Depending on which shirt you buy, you will be able to set the future look of your employees. Shirts don’t have to be elegant anymore – today they can also show off a casual or rock style. This way, you can customize the shirts according to the work environment they are in – and if you know your employees well, you will be able to customize their shirts according to their personal styles.

When you buy our shirts, you will be able to customize the style. All our shirts can be worn with a tie or bow tie – or however you want the style to be at home or at work.

Our prints on our shirts are long-lasting. They can withstand washing in a washing machine, but in order not to wear too much on your future shirts, you should check our washing instructions, which you can find here on our website.

Få et fantastisk udvalg af trykte skjorter hos Nordic Print. Udtryk din stil med vores unikke skjortedesigns til en skarp pris. Opgrader din garderobe lige nu!